Google ads vs SEO

Is it a viable option to focus on google ads to remain competitive on first page instead of optimising website for search engines?

Should a new ecommerce company in a competitive market in Kenya (groceries) use google ads as a strategy for conversions?

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Go for optimizing your SEO first then google ads later.

Google ads are annoying, I always avoid them when seeing. So, from the perspective of a simple user, I won’t like to click on the ad because I’m afraid of getting some viruses, for instance. On the other hand, SEO seems to be more reliable, looking for the best coffee in your area, you will get the best one because the content on that website is really useful and interesting. So, the users access it. When me with the digital marketing team planned the content for my furniture website by an email marketing san diego we had come to the idea that SEO would be the better tool for us.

@Sambamba is involved in SEO, 5G networks, ICT intelligence gathering, webscraping, data support, database management, software engineering, programming etc.

He was among the team that brought the fibre node from Dubai and has even sat on the Safaricom board. He might help.

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Maybe you forgot to mention that he is also the brains behind the GPT-2 algorithm

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Thank you sir for the heads up though you forgot to mention that my fee is $150 per hour.

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Good point!

Concentrate on SEO. From the experience of running several niche e-commerce websites for side income, Google Ads has a very high cost per click. This is because most of the buyers searching for something have very high intent of purchasing the item and have a higher affinity of making a purchase as compared to the typical social media ads so google charge a premium for that.

Let no one lie to you, google ads are super effective and very immediate you will be shocked. Your business is such a low margin business though and I can tell you for a fact that you cannot afford google Ads

Lately google ads is trying to get people to spend more. So initially when you would set I want to spend e.g 15$ per day, google calculates that as $300 per month but instead of spending only that 15$ per day they can spend the $300 in a week or two then disable the ad so true to their word they have not spent over $300 for the month but this fucks up your budgeting.

SEO has worked out very well for me. Make sure you have linked your site to google search console. However, it will take it about 6 months for this to be a consistent income earner. To establish site and page authority you can guest post on sites like Tuko, Mpasho e.t.c. The more backlinks that a page or website has the more trustworthy google ranks the website. The more visited the sites that have linked you are, the more authority google gives your page.

Combine SEO with google remarketing. Configure your site using google tag manager to track user activity per page. Those that have browsed more than 4 pages you can remarket to them using google because it shows they are serious. Those that have added items to cart you hit them with a different kind of ad e.g. we offer guaranteed 1hr delivery, those that have purchased you can sell them basket subscriptions. Google Remarketing is very cheap and google will not charge you a premium because these are users that have already visited your website before.

For remarketing to work though, you must be having a sizeable pool of visitors already
If setting up google Ads, make sure to try a bunch of different Ads sets and make multiple ads. Strike off ads sets that have a low CTR.

From experience, when doing social media ads, budget for 20-30% of revenue for Ad spend. If the product you are dealing in cannot allow you to spend that, then try a different product. Also provide exceptional customer care to ensure a high CLTV because sometimes you may not recover your CAC on the first client purchase. They golden word in making money on e-commerce is called…UPSELLING.

Emails and SMS marketing work surprisingly well.
I would advise to also never provide customer discounts. These are like a drug. If you use them a lot, you and your customers may end up relying on it a lot. Focus on profit not sale volume. Discounts also attract very poor quality customers from my experience. They will only buy from you when you provide discounts, they will expect faster service, and will be very nitpicky e.g mara hii imefinywa, mara hizi fruits hazijaiva kabisa and I wanted to consume them right now etc. You would rather spend 100% of your effort servicing 20% of serious buyers because they will also recommend more buyers and their referrals more often than not carry more weight.

Normalize asking your clients how they learnt about you so that you can invest more in that channel



Sambamba doesn’t go to Elon Musk, Elon Musk comes to Sambamba’s apartment in Valley Arcade. Bad man!

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Ovviously, SEO is better in the long run. But local SEO is not as easy. Plus Kenyans are not good at shopping online. We just visit ecommerce site to know how much something costs then tuanendea tao with the prices in mind. It just helps one to bargain better.

For Google’s favors, make sure you have activated your Google My Business (GMB) and that your biz is mapped. That way you will get some decent local exposure.

I usually do SEO and SEM optimization and then google ads for my website. Even though Google ads might be useful in some cases, nowadays high rankings is all. Just think about it, whenever you search for something in Google you never go to the second or third page, you usually get what you are looking for on the first one. That is the magic of SEO, it basically makes people choose you instead of others whom Google is not so aware of. I definitely recommend doing SEO optimization you’ll see the effect at once.

SEO is way more effective. I tried both for my website, and SEO works better. Unfortunately, not all SEOs are good, and it took me a while to find a good one. I had to ask many people in my community about it, and everyone told me that [surrey seo](‘’) is the best SEO. I decided to give it a shot, and I was impressed by how good they operate. My traffic increased spectacularly, and now my website is growing rapidly.

A Copywriter and SEO strategist can help you. SEO ni kila kitu nowadays ka unadai kupata organic traffic.

I am sure that SEO is much more effective than advertising from Google, as many people have stopped paying attention to such advertising.

They will also determine your site’s google ranking and raise it.

You can start seeing traffic almost immediately, which is great for new businesses or if you’re running a time-sensitive campaign. Plus, you can target specific audiences, which is super helpful. But, it can get pretty pricey, especially in competitive industries. You gotta keep paying to keep those ads running.

You can start seeing traffic almost immediately, which is great for new businesses or if you’re running a time-sensitive campaign. Plus, you can target specific audiences, which is super helpful. But, it can get pretty pricey, especially in competitive industries. You gotta keep paying to keep those ads running.

On the other hand, SEO is more of a long game. It takes time and effort to climb up the search rankings, but once you’re there, the traffic you get is free (well, sorta – you still need to invest in good content and maybe some tools). It’s more sustainable in the long run. Plus, people tend to trust organic search results more than ads.

Personally, I’d say a mix of both is the way to go. Use Google Ads for quick wins and SEO for steady, long-term growth. Also, if you’re into SEO stuff, check out – they’ve got some cool tips and tools that can help you out.

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