Goods that don't make it to Kenya

Quality Japanese products.

In this country you can find everything if you know where to look… i wont be surprised to find a local distributor who has them.

Where can I find a Kawasaki generator and a Hitachi sliding mitre saw with double bevel?

:D:D:D… mimi hakuna kitu najua.

Gio hutawai tulia na umeffi.

Gio ni nyanyako…

:D:D:D uppercut

:Dhutaingia heaven wewe

Imeuma utabidi uzoee.

Hehe you didn’t expect that response… Henyway Nyanyako ndio atazoea…:smiley:

Unaamka five kutukana nyanyake

Just doing some follow up…:smiley:

The Subaru must be noisy as hell

You are deluded if you think I am interested in those items. I was just interested in your classic replies of which you haven’t disappointed. Congratulations, you are now on level 3. Play some more for a chance to win stupid prizes.


I knew you exactly what you were after you are so basic and predictable.

At times I think Mason and wakanyaks is the same guy.

Kuna pia ford,makita,black and decker,stanley

Generator ni ford na yamaha.


Generator ni Mitsubishi.