Goodbye Pan Africanism. Welcome Bantu-Niotic-Ubangian Federation

United States of Africa would be a disaster for the EAC and great lakes countries. These countries have related people mainly bantus, and nilotes in the case of Kenya, uganda, and Tanzania. The ubangian of cameroon and central african republic are also closely related to bantus. An EU-style federalism for the countries would be the best shot for this region achieving prosperity. The west africans, horners, and north africans can go unite in their countries.

Viva Bantu-Nilotic-Ubangian Federation


The source of Bantu migration is Cameroon. Bantus are even in South East Naijiria

I also concur that we should make strong regional blocs instead of trying to unite the whole of Africa. The continent is too large and the diversities too glaring. With good focused leadership, we can steer Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi into a strong Federal republic. That way, we will be able to coerce the violence prone countries like Somalia, South Sudan and DRC to either join us or conquer them with time, take over control and manage them. Something like what China is doing in their neighbourhood. Or Russia.

The federation route is the only workable solution in the forseable future… something similar to the EU. But even before we get to that stage, we need to consolidate regional blocks like the EAC

To unite Africa on the US model will take much longer than any of our lifetimes

There is no sustainable unification happening there

The western rift Valley + the Congo rainforest

The same is true for a united States of Africa, the geography of the continent just can’t allow it

I do however support the creation of an East Africa state without South Sudan

Igbos in the south east are not bantus. But there are nigerian bantu tribes such as tiv, idoma found in the middle belt.

Horners shouldn’t be part of the federation. South Sudan also isn’t compatible here.

EAC should work with the great lakes region. Their population are similar to ours.

South Sudan shouldn’t have joined EAC.

so mnasema africa ikuwe divided into two… the muslim ,cushitic north and the ethnic black south united states… in a matter of years africa will be like Nigeria…exactly like nigeria…the muslim north and kaffirs on the south never ends well…this will be a risky thing… it’s better that africa unites as one… and in what world will a non african allow a black african prosper without interfering by using tools like religion and distabilisation…ni vizuri wakuwe na sisi …


Not risky at all. Heshima itadumu

EU, even with Europe’s solid institutions and cultural ties, barely works. You expect such an agreement to work in Africa? The best shot we have is to create a free trade zone, with sustained Intra-Africa economic activity, social and political collaboration with be feasible.

How can africa unite if bantus (the largest and most homogeneous ethnolinguistic group in africa) cannot unite? The southern nigerians have had enough of the chadic nilo-saharan hausa-fulani. Uniting Africa will be at the expense of the mineral-rich great lake region and EAC countries.

You can’t dismiss an idea you haven’t tried. It’s worth trying.

but the north has oil…si ati they come empty handed…leaving them out will be disastrous…


Stop writing nonsense… There is no such thing as Bantu people or Bantu Unity… The best thing we can aim for is regional cooperation like East African Community, Southern African Community ETC… If a country like D.R.C where they are hundreds of tribes cant unite then why would african countries do that? We need African cooperation, thats what we need.

It’s my ‘nonsense’. Go write yours.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Hii United States of Africa shall and must happen maybe not in our lifetime but the next generation are already ahead of the program. With the internet sio lazima hata political union for now. African governments should just remove all barriers to intercountry trade and travel. Why da fak does my black a s s need a visa t travel to another black country? Lunacy

Those are good Africa unification ideas BUT you people fail to recognize that Africans are not allowed to make such decisions on their own.

The western powers need Africa divided as they created it and nyeuthis can not be permitted to change that.

There’s nothing like black in africa. Our ethnic identity and culture plays a key part in how people interact. I’d rather unite with my fellow bantus than make my country a melting pot for dissimilar cultures.