Good thing about coming elections

The good thing about this election is that there is no Kikuyu candidate. Hii maneno of being demonized as a community because of political contests will not befall the children of Mumbi this time.

so now kikuyus are afraid of being DEMONISED, y’all is bitches. No wonder most kikuyu men have their mothers names for surnames.

dumb bitches.

Niko nyuma ya morio wa odinga.

Are you digo by any chance? Do you people still shag cattle in the name of family planning? I ain’t kyuk but I can see sence in the topic.

He is going nowhere

Who tells u by saa tatu morio wa odinga atakuwa akikula omena na ugali ya kusiaga pale statehouse.


Got you in them feelings, didn’t I? :D:D