Good talkers

As we usher 2018, let us nominate and appreciate the most respectiful good talkers who never derailed a thread or utter abusive words. Who is in your mind? Name them, and I will put their names in the pole for you to vote the best. The floor is open.

@1776 I salute you

Is your mcoondu open?

Coz this seems like an attempt to lick ass

Nice guys finish last.

umbwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mumama muzeeeee

Ukiwa kama Nani.

How about we create an award for Captain Frisk?

What does the good book say about people with crushed makagari and their opinions thereof?

Ati who?
Just the other day he was throwing insults to a talker, think it was a pink handle.

Snitching like a biatch that you are na eti wewe ni baba mtu

umama ndio umejaza kwa hio kichwa yako ya umefffiiii


I agree with you but you are still a deek:D:D:D

And just for that schoovit idea,you should get a “gunia mwaka huu”,@introvert fanya mambo upesss!!

@introvert anataka kubembelezwa ndio aweke gunia mtu ngombe kabisa

Mefii ninyi. Ngombe

:D:D:D wadau kuweni na huruma saa zingine

Vipi jaymo.iko redhorse leo?

:D:D:D:D:D:D…kenyatalk is a man-eat-mkia society

Pure blood apana tumia mvinyo, end of jan nitakushtua