Good size 14 Tyres

I’d like to buy some new size 14 tyres but I’m getting it difficult finding new ones for the best brands. Size 16 haikunisumbua hivi. My budget is Ksh. 8,000 max. per tyre. Where would you recommend, for what tyre brand and at what price?

This is urgently needed information. Thank you for your assistance.

If you want to save enda Eastleigh

Eastleigh is for these cheap Asian brands (not Japanese or South Korean).:frowning:

Anyways, have come across Tyrex Kenya and that’s what I’ll use.

hizo tyre hukuja moja ndani ya ingine ndani ya ingine, kuwekwa na kutolewa ni sidewalls wanaharibu, chorea!

Really? Never knew this. Even the ones in a wrapper, si wrapper would be ruined, or they re-wrap after offloading? Tax evasion is real, no wonder they have taken over from our kamba bros

:smiley: acha uchinka nanii