Good sex lasts how many mins ?

Can we finish this once n 4 all …goodfucl fuck shld last how long ?

When the man says so…anywhere from 2 seconds to 24 hrs… @KITOMBI KIZEE supports this with 50 bags of rhino cement:cool:

Until both parties collapse from total exhaustion … :D:D


Depends on how long it’s been since you last ejaculated. If for example you’ve stayed a month without sex or jerking, you won’t last 2 seconds if you hit it raw. On the other hand if you had sex everyday for a week, you take so long to cum, sometimes you don’t even cum and you give up

until ile shot utoka with your brains shouts bonemarrow all energy itoke

Kadinya wanaelewa hii first hand

Good for who?

To the man, all sex is good sex, no matter the duration… Otherwise hungepata erection,sawa?

I’ll let @ChifuMbitika answer on behalf of women :D:D:D

As a dry fry artist i can say that mtu ako inexperienced ndio atameaga na stroke mbili hata kama hajagwara for a year. Its all in the mind…uki ingia hapo na moto ya vile utamwaga…hio 2 seconds kama vajo ndio utaweza…but if you relax take it slow and put her interests first…na kupa range ya 5 to 10 minutes.

In short hutamaliza 10 minutes kama umekuwa na dry spell but 2 seconds in exageration.

But the thing is after ka dry spell uku chapa kaf kaf…ku pull out ndio huwa hard…hapo ndio madame huwa asha kuwa notified akuje kama amejipanga hapo ni ndani ndani ndani.

bro give her not more tha 4.5 minutes ,zaidi ya hapo ni waste ya time na energy

Yangu round 1 huwa 2-5 mins. Round 2 sasa ndio kubingirisha can last hata 1 hour depending on concentration na grip of pussy

Unataka answer to how decimal places

Some real interesting Juvenile answers … :D:D

Not more than 3.5 mins,ikipita apo you are either broke ass nigga ama njaa ndo inakusumbua.

There is no standard definition for ‘good’ sex,it depends.

Duration depends again,but am sure environment is one of the determinants.

Above all,just fuck.stop thinking about time,good sex doesn’t care about time.

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