Good school

Kwa mtu mwenye anataka kufanya a diploma course in comp science ama software eng, which institution can you recommend hapa Kenya. Govt or private ni sawa, as long as its affordable and it offers quality education.


Nairobi Aviation


Pivot Point Beauty College.

If you can access this website you can as well access Google

Any of the National Polytechnics should offer a KNEC Diploma in Computer Studies or IT at very affordable rates (less than 30k/year tuition). Also checkout Railways Institute and RVTTI. Basically, go to any Govt technical institute or Polytechnic. Ask for the regular program (starts in January), sio Para (parallel) as that would be thrice as expensive. Good luck

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Never far from your mind? Tulikufanyia nini Makanika?

Go to Computer Pride

ama pia JKUAT Juja massive