Good Samaritan Laws.

“Any person who in good faith renders emergency care, without remuneration or expectation of remuneration, at the scene of an accident or emergency to the victim of the accident or emergency shall not be liable for any civil damages resulting from the persons acts or omission, except for such damages as may result from the persons gross negligence or wanton acts or omissions.”

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The law assumes you have the necessary skills; we call it the spirit of the law. If you have no skills then your responsibility is to call for help. Only under reasonable conditions can an unskilled lifesaver proceed to provide assistance. Even in countries where the law exists if you know you lack first aid skills and you proceed to administer the same and your acts lead to death or further injury you are liable. I have received training on first aid for both adults and kids by American Red Cross and attended countless workshops where the law was primary focus.

Before the law a skilled and licensed first aider or doctor who passed a person in distress was held liable. The law was enacted and gives a skilled person the option not to attend to a distress situation. The law says however that when a skilled and licensed person looks in the direction of a distress situation then they are obliged to provide assistance so one has the option of moving on without looking in the direction of the distress. That is per American law

This is good to know, thanks. I am new to the topic and I haven’t read much into it.

Karibu. As I said the law mainly protects those skilled and licensed, American Red Cross gives yearly license after refresher course and testing, if a license is expired then you are treated as unskilled. Doctors in the US suffered a lot before enactment of the law. They had special number plates to give them some leeway on the road such as speeding when responding to. An emergency, using fire lanes etc, and whenever a doctor drove by a distress situation even where they didn’t know it was a distress situation guys would get their numbers and sue for negligence. The special plates were removed and they were given IDs and gadgets fixed in cars to allow them pass on fast lanes and not pay at toll stations. Most importantly the law allowed them to not respond if they didn’t want to.