Good Samaritan Laws.

One of the reason why most people would hesitate to help a victim in an emergency is fear of repercussions should something happen as a result of their actions that leads to the worsening of the situation. It might be anything from exacerbating the level of injuries to wrongful death. In any case, the holding back and waiting for professional help to arrive might seem the best position to take, but looking at the emergency response in Kenya, that usually just spells doom for the victims.

Do we have Good Samaritan Laws that protect people who help others in such situation from being sued here in Kenya?

gani hizo

We have in the bible but not in the constitution, did I answer your question correctly?

hii swali enda ukaulize AG ,ALGAYSHIET

What repercussions? This is Africa

A friend of mine found a dead body kwa river hapa ruiru, juzi tu. Everybody had to run away since ata kureport itabidi ujibu maswali kadhaa from police.
On a different case long ago, jamaa found someone lying in the bushes. To confirm if the pokoti guy was dead, he stroke him twice with a cane. Alaf akaita police. After postmortem mjamaa nafungwa eti aliua mtu kwa kumpiga viboko lol.

In kenya if you find a dead body just drop an anonymous tip in the police suggestion box

do they open those suggestion boxes?

if they don’t their loss that should be where tips are from people scared of repercussions from criminals who have police on their take

Umeni nyanganya maneno

so you don’t? na vile I have dropped several tips on drug pushers in my area in those boxes ? wasted effort

Snitching bitch need stitches.

Yani hamfunguangi?

basi wazitoe tu anonymous tips play a crucial role in proactive law enforcement

Unatype, print…unapea mtoi peremende unamshow apeleke letter kituo.
Also no fingerprints so gloves lazima.
Wakati wa baridi is ok, wakati wa jua vaa gloves ka nduthiman kujitoesha umulikaji…

snitch bitch!

In Kenya people are more afraid of staining their cars’ leather seats than any other fears you’ve listed.


Keys zilipotea :p:p:p:p:p

What this guy is overlooking is that Samaritan law protects only those trained to provide assistance. You cannot handle a dead body and you are not a doctor or a pathologist. Even where the laws exist if you give first aid and you don’t have a license for it you are liable. So huyo wa kupiga maiti viboko got what was coming

Great responses people, thanks!