Good News for H.Stars

Kenya moves 43 places up in the new FIFA rankings. Kenya is now ranked at postition 86 in the word and 22 in Africa.

ION, FKF has a new technical director and a new coach for the U-17. The U-17 is preparing to meet Cameroon next month.

If only it translated to actual winning of matches

Next we will hear we have slumped to position 130!

What results caused the big leap?

tanzania pia imepanda climbed 13 places currently at 123 hehe

Was also asking myself the same question, Just this one win at home in as many matches and we climb 43 places up?
Compare this to XVs Rugby rankings and you might just think these Fifa rankings look like a sham.

May be Blatter was just a small patch of corruption in FIFA that was removed but the whole organization is steeped in irredeemable corruption.

Kenya needs to put youth structures in place. We need a system that identfies talented young players and goorms them into high calibre players.

Secondly Kenyans should start watching KPL instead of mambo ya premier

Finally politicians should stop grabbing playing fields.

My thoughts exactly…This must be a mistake.

Tz imetoka wapi sasa wewe na matako yako makubwa.