Good morning , Good people.

Have a great weekend ahead.

@Mundu Mulosi , kwanini umemalysia thread yako? :cool:

Good morning pseudonym. Mimi bado niko kwa kitanda. Great weekend too.

He he he, was watching some crazy woman on FB. Kuna watu na viatu. Will upload it once I convert.

I thought I was the only lazy talker on weekends.

Good morning @pseudonym

I just grabbed my cuppa coffee and went back to bed too, maybe later I will strum the guitar and do some wacky Tracy Chapman’s renditions . Today the world can take care of itself.

Picha hata kama ni mattress tu sweetheart.

Morning to you too.

unfortunately mimi nili-conditioniwa na muadhini…if i have not woken earlier coz of work five lazima niamke whether i can hear the muezzin or not.

Urudi Kwa kitanda na Hii jua yote?

Tracy Chapman ? You got my attention . I know her songs by heart . Cruise with her every evening . I’m amazed how much in common we have !! Bang bang bang , and I used to be a sailor just takes my off my self

he he he, hii na mahindi unarusha boss.

I was awake by 6am as usual whether its a weekend or holiday. Usingizi mingi ni umaskini inakutafuta. Usually by 5.30pm I’m already awake to do one of two responsibilities before I wake up officially.

Me and her go way back sir

@pseudonym good moaning. if you can strum this one…

Sio ati nirudi…nisharudi.

Picha ya thong muhimu

Hi gal. Amka Sasa. I wish I can give you some of my duties to do today. Too much for one person… :frowning:

Nice weekend villagers