Good Mixes, what are you listening to?

Currently listening to this



Wekeni mix poa hapa! especially if it includes some good rock :slight_smile:

Mimi Niko juu ya mix ya buju banton. Moto kama pasi.

Downloaded enough mixes to last an eternity while mixcrate was up… Kuna mix moja ya samples called seeds vol 1 to vol 7…makes you appreciate the art of sampling.

thanks mate!

It’s long, it’s epic, it’s not on the internet.:smiley:

ASOT ya last week which nilihata live stream


Mugithi mix.

weka hapa

Sawa. Ngoja niweke mbados

no lie, demakufu ako sawa!

listening to this now…iko dope sana

Can’t go wrong with hi Riddim…esp kaa u have a date :smiley:

Listen to this it may be the kind of music you would enjoy.