Good Hope


Your taste is wanting

Nobody is asking for your opinion.

Yesu ni bwana

Umekuwa rex umbwa

Ako wapi huyu?


Vip / Amar veterans

Picking low hanging fruits

I chewed her a very long time ago. Not my best selection I have to admit. When she opened her legs all I could smell was poop, shit,mavi and some mafi. She wasn’t very clean. I hope she’s changed for the sake of customers.

Eish diiiigi!!! hata kama waswahili walinena…kipendacho roho ni dawa.

The idea of nutting alone in her is disgusting, I am still surprised how you took things this far

I surprised myself too. I was super horny that weekend


He is the brave one in the village. Kudos to you @Silverback83. So many Elders, Admins, Sponsors and all protocols observed in here have deenyad her, some like kina @cortedivoire even licked her A-hole but they cant dare admit it in public.

Sass hii ndio definition ya roto tank ile ya black

More like roadkill.

Vitu nyi hukuta walai:D:D

Hiyo mkono na tattoo inakaa ya Popeye