Good hope brothel : Deep News.

This are the facts: the establishment isn’t being closed down.

Operational hours have been reduced

Operating from 5pm to morning

A tusle between director and poor management

The sons who manage the property may choose to close it down in favor of stalls

Most ladies are saddened but owner doesn’t eat tears.

Your humble reporter digi on the ground.

siwezmind ku shika shika hio pusy hapo kando

Kîhiiiiiii humbwa koko ya manspaa chiet taktak

niliwai timua paka kwa room ya brothel. nikaambiwa cheza chini. izo ni majini kakangu. hadi wa leo naziogopa. is that true ama ni chocha?

Siwezimind kukuingia DFBLBH

Usually true. Some matatus don’t even carry passenger (s) on the front passenger seat during the first trip of the day. ‘Wenye gari’ huwa wamekaa hapo. [SIZE=1]if you know you know.[/SIZE]

sande Digiboy

Is that right?