Good Game Versus Good Sex

Guys, which would you rather have?

(A) 10/10 game and be a 5/10 in bed
(B) 5/10 game and be a 10/10 in bed.


Edit: Game here refers to seduction skills

What do you mean by good game?

Wapi mbisha?

Seduction skills

Seduction skills ni gani Tena? I thought men are the ones who seduce women. Hebu educate us millennial wengine wetu hapa ni watu wazima we don’t know these things.

Beta male

Mtu mzima na hujui seduction skills ni nini? Are you a rapist?

He’s @Silverback83 yaani sokwe mtu

No money talks

Nafasi ni ile ile,kama mko kitandani haijalishi game yako pahali iko.

Only a teen talks or worries about "game "…an alpha male doesnt worry about his game…dont chase women and set yourself standards …pussies utapewa bure and in varieties

That language ati “kevo anajua kukatia” ended in high school. After 30, what counts kama game ni pesa and your lifestyle not some corny jokes and pick up lines.


hii ni nini sasa? Ati game. how old are you son?

Ktalk villagers: Masters of sweepology

B, I’d rather loose 50%of the prey I chase.
Lakini Ile nitakamata…

Y’all dignified the OPs mumblings with comments,observations and answers that are way beyond his comprehension…

Iyo maneno ya seduction ni kupoteza mda.

Ukidetect dem hajiskii hata kama ni 10/10 lenga hiyo stori.

Haha hii upus ya game anga seduction anga kukatia tuliacha kwa gate ya highschool after kumaliza K.C.S.E. Huku nje bora you can hold a decent conversation hapo pengine ni confidence, pesa, na saa zingine looks huongea. Alafu who chases women in this day and age? You make your intentions known from the get-go, if she’s not down you bounce on to the next. Apana poteza mda ukifukuza matako.