Good evening

Day 4 still feeling suicidal.

Cause : I am feeding too much hypocritical bullshit of late and that breaks me.

Problems caving in around me even when at rock bottom

I hate this.

you need serious help

I suggest you talk to someone you are close to and one that you can trust. As soon as you can.

Are those problems by any chance from wakanda?

Tafuta kisorokwinyo ukamue. .utatulia soon after

He hates women…

I am not a drinker, but I suggest you go to town and have a drink today. Use alcohol as a temporary distraction. When you recover tomorrow, you will have new ideas and don’t hit the bar again in a long time.

a man with a working penis can’t hate all women

Why suggest something you don’t even do?

just like binjwa scrotum… And all other bingwa group of scrotums…

Because it is what could save his life.


:D:D so if a chic went into his room and undressed, he’d look the other way??

did u get a does of vibranium from wakanda as I adviced ?

Unfortunately I have nothing too to say to you.
In my experience suicidal people are a selfish lot who believe the world revolves around them.
So either get help or take a hike and get it over with.

Let him answer this question :D:D

sasa gathoni


Lakini pole boss. No need to commit suicide. We need you

Speak for yourself Padre…

I don’t need him. :slight_smile:

Why, not for any bad intentions, we need him in this world, including his relatives. Usifikirie vibaya,

Umemaliza exams?