Good conduct...

what’s the shortest duration mtu anaeza apply apate this certificate?


Good conduct haina maana siku hizi. If known criminals are walking free and vying for elective posts, peasant Kama wewe ni nani atakuitisha good conduct.

If you need it urgently and at a cheap price, tafuta cyber iko na software ya Punjab university and make one. No one verifies if its legit or not


2 weeks at the CID along Kiambu road.
1 week ukichota.(which beats the logic of acquiring it in the first place)


Good conduct only lists the convictions you have. If you still have a court case then it’s not CID to predict if you will be set free or not.

However it has now being amended I.e on the certificate it will show no convictions but list the cases you are facing.

I applied last year hapo August they told me ningoje 2 weeks but it came after a month

Usually takes me a week

Bila kuchota ?

ingia ECITIZEN my fled

Go to E-Citizen Pay for it then book an appointment at Kiambu CID HQs for finger prints step.Five days you will be alerted to download it.thank me later.
by tha way ukichill Waititu aapishwe hautaihitaji

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