good conduct certificate issuance query

A hard nut to crack here,what happens if one is in a foreign country and needs a CiD good conduct certificate clearance form.Is it okay to send a sealed envelope from the foreign country with a document bearing the fingerprints,a copy of id ,p.port and visa to kenyan cid headquarter for the issuance of the above.?NB the prints have been taken at the foreign country cid headquarters.Kindly your feedback.

Please use Google:

FOREIGN CITIZEN (Relocated to other countries) ALL AGES

Must present him/herself with a certified copy of his country’s passport with documentary prove that he /she ever resided in Kenya for 6 months or more.
Must pay Kshs.1000.00 or its equivalent and obtain the official receipt from our foreign mission or submit the cheque payable to Director of Criminal Investigation at Nairobi-Kenya.
Must allow his/her fingerprints and palm prints to be recorded on a prescribed form at the nearest Police Station in the present country of residence.
The application consisting of original payment receipt or cheque, certified copy of passport, document of prove of resident in Kenya and fingerprints must be forwarded officially with a covering letter from the official fingerprinting agency or Kenyan mission to CID Headquarters Nairobi-Kenya through post or runner.

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