Good company DJ mixes. Akina Grauchi and the rest

With a Good music system and TV, unaeka tu Mix za good company on a weekend ata husikii kutoka nje. The mixxes are well mastered man and zote ni HD. I think Kenya has some of the best deejays in Africa.

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Agreed, Grauchi ako tops, waiting for mix 124 itoke this weekend as usual,

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Dj shinski poa huwa :fire:

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The Good Company has some incredible dj sets.
Kitu natafuta sa hii ni mixcloud iko cracked. Same way we have a cracked version of Spotify Premium

Dj Andie, Karoski na Sir M are also top notch!

SHINSKI ni umbwa…nice mixes but the ones on youtube zimejaa advertisement every 5mins. He’s an asshole for doing that. I listen to his mixes on Mixcloud app bila adverts