Good Car Battery

My car battery has gone south, give me recommendation of a high quality car battery at a reasonable price



The price is a bit steep but so far so good

After delapidating the original car battery, whatever you buy next, usually has a lifespan that is predictable.

I replaced mine with chloride Exide 90AH MF. Original from Japan was 80AH flooded. No problem after over one year. Even i-stop came back after a long distance drive.

How is your Mazda ?

Doing good with the diesel Mazda sky-active engine.


I have been using chloride Exide since 2019 after the original car battery completely died, and man it works just fine. Even if I leave the car parked with alarm on for a whole month, the next time I start the car it will just power up bila struggle. Bought the damn battery with only 6k at those ushago’s hardware shops


Amaron, Bosch or hankook battery s hizi zingine Wacha TU .