Gone with the wind.

Kenya today is like Confederate America, a people who have profited from human misery and want to keep their immoral way life. The story’s main character is Scarlet Uhuru Kenyatta. She is the belle of every southern ball. She is secretly in love with the aristocrat Ashley Gideon Moi Wilkes, a guy who makes her twist her panties in a bind. (The name is Luo anyway.) But the ragamuffin Rhett Ruto Butler is in love with Scarlet Uhuru Kenyatta, and he wants to make many southern babies with her. He knows women like he knows the number and colour of panties in the local brothel. Scarlet Uhuru doesn’t need Ashley Gideon Moi. She needs a lawbreaker like him. Scarlet’s black mammy Raila Odinga will help her get Ashley Gideon by hook or crook. But she knows Scarlet Uhuru needs Rhett Ruto Butler. At the end of the story, Scarlet Uhurr realises she is truly in love with Rhett Ruto Butler, not Ashley Gideon Moi Wilkes. But Rhet has waited for Scarlet’s love for too long, and he says, ‘frankly, I don’t give a damn.’
The civil war of 2017 interrupts their idyllic dreams and changes their way of life. The Union low-class army routs the Confederate elites. The slave owners are reduced to negury while the slaves given their new freedom, don’t even know what it looks like. They just like their leader Miguna Miguna and his slave talk. just 5 years after the war, the confederacy elite rose again to bring a new and more ruthless slave system of sharecropping and Jim Crow laws.
A new, worse elite has replaced the old Confederate elite which has Gone with the wind!



Write your reply…Raila is not the black mammy in that story he is more like ummmm what’s the word… the betraying, deceitful, village whore who will put out at the drop of a shilling!

And she has three opportunistic girlfriends who always want to leave her but can’t leave and will grudgingly go along with all her decisions.

Uhuru is the wealthy but ageing heiress who wants to bequeath her estate to the fighting, conniving and scheming descendants.

Ruto is the dashing amore who’s done things in his past that he doesn’t want to talk about. He has wooed the heiress and won her heart but his real aim is to get the estate at any cost and nothing will stand in his way.

Gideon would be the spoilt, estranged stepson of the heiress who comes out of the woodwork and claims outright birth right to the estate although he never worked a day in his life. And he can’t stand to see the dashing Ruto who has wooed all the valley’s inhabitants with his horse riding abilities and natural leadership skills albeit being from the low class. And Gideon knows he’ll never match up to the strapping Ruto so he runs to his daddy the powerful state judge who was briefly married to the wealthy heiress.

And we are the slaves and plantation workers who love to engage in a lot of bickering and rumour-mongering concerning the higher ups in society. Will the deceitful Raila steal the dashing Ruto from the heiress’s arms? Or does the heiress have something up her sleeve?

Watch the concluding episodes next week to find out more.

Mbuuchit bila maji.

Read the book 24 years ago. It still rocks.

Mimi hapana tambua hii.

Even I couldn’t concort such a porn script:):slight_smile:

Same here. Discovered it among my uncle’s porn stash, under his unkempt bed, covered in a casually dropped khaki panty.

you would enjoy a character in the book called Belle Watling…kinda like Ferocius Stika.

@Zion Citizen, nitasoma hii book.

aii ati porn script? Na ukaona script outline ya a normal soap opera e.g. days of our lives or the bold and beautiful or even any Mexican soap si utasema ni hardcore porn. Ukiona outline ya movie kama fifty shades ama series kama nip and tuck ama desperate housewives labda utasema this should be outrightly banned from humanity.