Golf TSI vs Mazda CX3 vs Mazda atenza

With a budget of 1.6 to 1.9 which of the three is best for a bachelor.

I’ll be buying cash.

Golf, next

Congrats , some 150 dogs like @cortedivoire can only dream of attending parties to open new pubs . There is were they will eat free sausages and chrome . They can’t dream buying a senke leave alone a car after all which machine will cost 150.0/=?

[SIZE=7]Mazda atenza looks spacious and 'respected"[/SIZE]

Mazda is a good vehicle. Not many major issues. Just like good old Toyota. Chukua Atenza

Iko na looks but gari haina performance kwa barabara bana. Mkebe kabisa. @Kibokoyao mbona hujaconsider toyota ama nissan. If I were you ningetafuta nissan skyline ama fuga v6. Magari comfortable sana na perfomance. But kama ni hizo pekee chukua tu Golf.

Chukua atenza. You won’t regret

Mimi, naeza nunua toyota premio mimi

Hiyo gari cvt ni bure sana


Buy Subaru ukulane vasha



How reliable is the golf for 2-5 years guys?

Golf you’ll look like a stupid kid.remembe

For this budget look for a very clean Prado 120 Diesel. You’ll become respected and since you’re a bachelor hapa hata huhitaji kukatia dame ,they all see money in that car.its reliable,just don’t do crazy speeds past 120kph in curvy roads.

Get the Atenza Petrol version. It will tick the right boxes.

Premio is overated buana. Unaspend 1.9M to buy a car that has a cvt tranny, underpowered and is a thief magnet. No thanks.

Haka kadudu hupendewa nini, once you remove performance out of the equation? I would prefer a spacious and confortable car. So I would go for a car with a longer wheelbase and thats why an Atenza would win for me

Anything European, wachana na Japan.
For that budget
Golf TSI, Peugeot 308, Mercedes Benz A180.

Volvo S60 is also in the same price range. If you are seeking a unique car and wanna go the European way, Id recommend Volvo.

Nunua volvo venye imesemwo hapo juu