Golden Deal: Take it or Leave it?

Today I was approached by a good Moran friend who works at a certain 4 star hotel in the city that is frequented by multinationals esp Nigers and other west Africans members of a prominent religious org in Kenya and the world over.
According to him, a few months ago, there was a convention in Town and after the guests left, he was informed by a cleaner that a guest had left behind a valuable; A golden chain with a golden cross and something shiny like a diamond.
On calling & enquiring from the guests they suspected to have felt it behind, they all denied having such like thing.
Now the friend wants to dispose it because nobody in management , staff and even clients want anything to do with it. That’s where I come in because he knows I am a risk taker being a shine eyed fella.

Guys nimesema kama ni mbaya, siwezi acha ndechu. Maoni na tafadhali NVs mkuje srowre.

lakini kwanza mpitie nagin patni wakufanyie assay la sivyo utanunua kifuli imesiagwa…

Sinunui and mtapewa ikiwa tu chain whole.

This story sounds familiar. The ending has some tears and regrets.

Boss unafikiri masai ni jinga , the greed will do u in ! that was the trending trick back in the day uko ma 2001…

A fool an his money … lakini sijakutusi

Enda fanya hio biashara ulete hekaya.

Moran, religious conference, western African

People never learn…smh

The 1st time I heard of Maasai na gold ameokota was before the turn of the century.
Tutakuwa tu papa hapa tukingonja hekaya.

Get your act and facts you necrophilic moron

Who said anything about me using my own money and didn’t I Just point out haina mwenyewe? I bet walimu wa @Purple , @Necrow the necrophilic , wilikuwa na hard time sana

@Kasighau clawmatsu si uchanue huyu eledet

muulize kama ako na Mercury pia akuuzie.

Hehehe. Let me try.
Bro, @kender9 , walk away from any deal that has Gold or Gemstone, a lowly educated fellow and you being the well informed. Those three parameters will leave you weeping. No matter what is said, hata ka huyo maasai amevaa shuka, he is a con.

Ohh, nimesahau, brary fala wewe, Nani unaita Clawmatsu

Warn him. The correct term is Clawtsubishi.

Wewe ni brary burukenge pia

ata ukinitusi utapoteza pesa noogle

hehe hee ile suit ya kevlar umevaa??

Na ile mayai golden nyoka flani hutapika akizeeka pia naskia iko na demand sana