Gold label quality strong leather shoes available

At a fair price of ksh 3,500 .Karibuni billionaires.Will deliver free of charge around CBD,Garden City mall,TRM and their environs .Also available in Gold colour .

They look nice

Single room peasant detected

Buda, sio kwa ubaya but io ni pvc leather.

Wtf! How did you come that conclusion…

Haha it’s a process my friend

I can see the wall at the end of the bed. Don’t you know in ktalk it’s a criminal offense to be poor

This doesn’t make sense inaweza kua ni ukuta ya bedroom yake.

what is your business phone number?

Hizi ni zile za kubambuka.

@Randy = @Veteran

a man earning his own bread can never be termed poor. nice shoes

Nope, unlike some of you i dont need to create mutiple handles.

iko number 13 ama 12 kubwa???

Do you sell online? I have a Duka and I am thinking of stocking men’s shoes.

Currently setting it up and working on diversifying my stock. If you looking to buy the above shoes at a wholesale scale, I could get you a decent discount.

How come you sign in and don’t say hi to me bestie.
Am I that bad…