Gold indicator minerals

Ever thought of how back in the 1800’s with tonnes of primitive technology, the mzungu colonialist walked all the way from Mombasa to settle in Migori and but more specifically in Rosterman mines in Kakamega to extract phenomenal ounces of the precious metal? How did he know where to dig and when to pan? What were the indicator minerals that were not there between Mombasa and the Western region to make him know that this is it. This exactly where the mattock goes.
Well today we live in a different world, where we got helicopters carrying out earth scanning sweeps, and easily identify potential, then another gadget is used for rapid test of the indicator minerals.


This thing here. Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) mineral and elemental analysers.

The mineral analysers provide miners solutions for rapid geochemical analysis that increase discovery success rates, identify drill targets quickly, make on-site decisions about whether to stop or continue drilling, and decide where to focus on the grid.

I’m thinking of saving all my annual leave days this year, to go test this new theory. Bibi na watoto wakitaka kuniacha then so be it


Geological surveys. Presence of certain other minerals might also indicate the presence of what you are looking for. Geographical survey, say Kimberly area in Za looks like this, geographically, if we get a place that looks the same, then probably we might get diamonds.

And last but not least, word of mouth. In most cases mzungus were not the first to mine, say gold. Probably some Arab merchants knew where gold was being mined by the locals, Arab being only interested in the few kilos would probably come buy and be done with it. Mzungu atakuja na machine for extraction and of course a few sweets for the locals to vacate and probably a big gun too, plus a priest or two to convert the savages and they are being shafted.

Commercial deposits is more important. Everywhere in Kenya, there is gold. The problem is it’s expensive ( difficult) to extract. And this also brings yield into play . How many grams / tonne will you get. The only way to verify this is to actually mine several tonnes of earth and try to extract the gold. A very expensive manouvre.

Alah. I thought you were already in the business. Ama those pics a few weeks ago were from google images.

I’m in the middle of it. I’m moving my operations to Zambia in a few weeks. And no, those aren’t internet images but my own.