Gold Discovered

Continue teaching them brothers.



Ndindu the ape niaje?

We are all apes. While at it Africans are the Mother and Father of ALL Humans on earth. We are the ONLY race that can reproduce all others. Our DNA is in all humans. Chingchings, Caucasians, Arabs, etc.

Our genes are dominant and we are the only ones who will survive the coming biological wars.

COVID-19 is just the beginning

[COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)][SIZE=7]GOLD INDEED , watu yetu mko colonised…[/SIZE]


Yes sir!

Christianity was a channel to brainwash Africans. They abadoned millennia old religions and embrassed a corrupted version of Egyptian religion Edited by thieves aka King James and the rest.

The day someone dies ndio utajua what is for now ata usiseme any.

This is really depressing. The kaburus colonised the indians but those people never abandoned their religions. Same with the arabs or to some extend the native americans. Baafrika were made to feel ashamed of anything african.

There is a Luo talker goes by the name @sinso or @Swansea . So anyway this talker who is very woke decided to get his penis removed in what is known as gender reassignment.

Atheism and wokeness is really affecting the black community negatively.

At first the black man was introduced to Islam and Christianity and now the same black man is being introduced to atheism. The black man follows whatever he is told. Akiambiwa aweke Bible na Koran chini anasema ,“Yes Massa!!!”

@Swansea , umefanyia nini village fagget? Ako kwa kesi yako ile mbaiya mdau. :smiley:

Wachana na huyo kichaa. Ako frustrated na maisha majuu. :D:D:D

It’s always great to see the Luo brethren having a nice evening chat together.

One could even say that @Tom Bayeye = @Swansea and maybe that person wouldn’t be too wrong.

@Swansea = @Tom Bayeye = @Kodiaga = @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! = @Coronatities = @Abba

Wacha kunitajataja nongwe hii

@Swansea wacha kusumbua.