Gold business kenya

Any one with links to the Gold market in kenya?

Start by reading this… [MEDIA=twitter]1409051360369205249[/MEDIA]

Kuna tuMaasai wawili ghaseer karibu wanicon na stori ya gold back in the days when I was still young and stupid.

Kuna soko hapo Eastleigh very genuine walalos they take everything and pay clean cash no fakes …how many carats have u got na kilo or grams ngapi…alternatively kuna zingine spread all over mostly in residential houses karibu na hizo migodi mingi around. Penna more information usaidiwe

Siaga kifuli uuzie wajinga…

Utasiaga aje kifuli?

Tumia grinder

Grinder gani hiyo that’s harder than a kifuli?

I know of a place you could visit, inspect the goods for yourself na if you’re interested you make the purchase
security after purchase is entirely on you

Mzee Ali.

Hio kifuli uko nayo sio kitu mblo,watu wa Kilimani wanauza kifuli to potential investors


Nitadrop soon

If you know and understand gold business, you can make money
Shida tu 90% of gold dealers are conmen. If even you are clean, you will be conned na wewe pia utaamua kucon watu:D