GOK doesn't give a shit about its people

The bonobo attitude kicked in today. I read a depressing story of how Kenyans who are stuck in China kwa epicenter ya coronavirus have been abandoned.

The embassy official got in touch with them via messenger app raising their hopes that they will go home and that was it. Guys are becoming desperate and will run out of food soon.

Egyptian government evacuated its citizen today morning. The bonobos we have all they cared for was to have KQ fly to China but have cabin crew exercise precaution and have protective gear as they bring virus to africa ( true bonobo mentality).

Im not surprised, this is the same govt that lets its players sleep on airports floors yet they have a tough game the following day? Yaani these people don’t give a shit or a ferk on anything.

I see them walk with over filled bellies full of fermented pooop yet nobody thinks about the real people. I hope one day I’ll get my kids out of this shithole.

It’s around 5 pm in China when the telephone interview with a Kenyan student in Wuhan starts.
Waigwa Njogu tells the Nation that life in the past few weeks has been daunting. Throughout the hour-long phone call, he asks over five times why the Kenyan government has abandoned them.
Despite his anxiety over government inaction, Mr Njogu sounds remarkably relaxed even as he describes life under lockdown.
The Chinese government placed the city, which is the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic, on lockdown back in January 23. All transport, including trains, flights and public means were cancelled.
The severe restrictions are meant to prevent spread of the disease. However, it has made simple tasks such as grocery shopping and eating out nearly impossible.
“Life here is too depressing, imagine sitting in a room by yourself for days on end. There is little to do. Police are constantly monitoring people who are out and about. The Egyptian students were evacuated today (Sunday) and what I keep wondering is if that will be the same for us,”
he said.

Acha kusumbua nanii

For the sake of 40 million wacha Tu watibiwe China. Ikiwa hatuna machine za kupima sembuse dawa.

Ukienda huko uliambia gava? Ama hawajui airport ziko wapi?

But they were slow to stop kenya airways from flying in there even though other countries canceled their flights

Wakae huko wasituletee China AIDS

Kenya Forward lazima pilot afikishe target ndio akule.

Ethiopian is still flying there and bringing passengers from China to JKIA so what was the logic in stopping KQ?

Shows how Macharia is stupid with that health secretary woman. They can’t form a task force to stop. Hata hivyo umetoa wapi story ati ET is bringing people from china ?

All serious countries have sent their Airforce planes to pick their people from China.

Hope I didn’t get it wrong on ET but Southern China Airlines is still flying to Nairobi.

@Abba China Southern Airlines CZ 634 left JKIA at 3:35 pm today, going to Guangzhou. Kesho jioni expect flight yao kutoka China

Their main problem currently is food. Plus the severe travel restrictions China has put in place has disadvantaged them

nye main momrem nyiny food, wamekwambia?

I prefer wakae huko hadi mambo itulie. The people to blame are in China.
I can’t imagine hio kitu hapa.

Ndio watuletee virus yenye haina cure?

Above commentors are correct. Watibiwe huko. Can’t risk more people here in kenya over afew

So when other countries were evicting their people and placing them on isolated quarantine for 14 days are stupid? The worst death is a death of being hopeless… that’s the death these Kenyans are subjected to. Hii mentality that you Kenyans have that" as long as my relative aren’t affected I don’t care" ni upuzi.

My theory was that Kenya was waiting for China to allow it to stop the flights.

Tunajua you are over 70s so ata virus wakituletea Kenya you have nothing to loose, for the sake of young people and children wacha watibiwe uko China please