GOK and the Devil are one and the Same

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, its raining heavily, then somebody, occupying a powerful office in government can only think of demolishing people’s homes. Definitely his head is full of shit, or something worse. The case of kariobangi sewerage estate is extremely sad. Why now? Could it have waited a little? Hapa ndo nimejua the government doesn’t give a fuck about its people. It’s full of devils!!! We are on our own

Initially I was about kumaliza safari na Ouru lakini sasa ameuka muno muno

You just wonder what is that they want to do that can’t wait till we overcome this pandemic. It’s just sad I hope Kenyans will never forget even as they make their choice their leaders for many years to come.

Tano tena

Generally, If someone does not know why this evictions are being done specifically now during pandemic, then that person is part of the problem that causes such evictions to keep happening.
I.e complete ignorance of the ruthlessness of the NBI land cartels involved

who is ordering the evictions?

Criminal cartels useing full state authority via paid for court orders and state equipment

If land in kenya is an emotive issue…then land in Nairobi is an existential issue…there are no limits to what can be done in the name of land. Try to recall how many brokers…sorry businessmen associated with the 8bn land in Karen went to meet their maker on account of that land…and you will begin to see how dark Nairobi is. Even at high noon.