Going to Trumpland!?

Wadau, My siz in-law has hooked me up with her colleague.
She lives in the US and she has this workmate who’s craving for a young strong African man. Considering her experience with a man from our clan, aliona I fit the bill so akachapa though pass!

Sasa this ‘colleague’ is gorgeous! But she’s older, kedo 26, I love PYTs, 22 yrs tops. She makes $35/hr, that means if we end up together, I’ll have to play catch up, at least financially. I prefer making more chums than my woman.

Another deal breaker is the fact that she’s not getting a man like normal people do, I mean if you need your friends to be match makers for you, hapo labda iko sida!

But the prospect of being a trumpland citizen outweighs any of these ‘deal breakers.’

But starting life majuu ukiwa 26 yrs old like me naona pia ikiwa issue. Sioni nikiflip buggers ama nikiosha tushosho while huku Kenya I make my chums (not much) from the comfort of my little home office.

What do you guy think?
Should I jump on this through pass or let it pass…?
Watu wamajuu, how hard is it kuanza life huko ukiwa a not so young…

@Purple unaitwa na @KaBuda munaitwa

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Dyou are a gigolo ut truth be told I’d rather go to kisumu and shout “Ojinga atosi” than go to trumpistan

Do you have any “baggage” hapa nyumbani? If you not then sioni shida ya kujaribu trumpistan… ukilemewa si utarudi nyumbani tu…26 is not that old…with some jua kali experience you should do just fine

Also @denis young makes alot of money through the comfort of his home office, around 200k a day but he is 24 so you are not him.

…na @Miss Finest Wine

If Samantha had a brother…that would be you… Gigolo Cc @kalel

:D:D:D:D, try Stockholm


Question 1. Are you ok with coming back with nothing after staying there a couple of years? Most guys can’t handle the embarrassment of having nothing to show their people when things don’t work out and so end up living desperate and risky lives over there.

Question 2. Do you mind being doing housework and being controlled by a woman? (Your case is worse since she will be in control of your legal status). If a woman insults you or even slaps you, will you be able to remain calm and sober or will u react aggressively and hit her back and end up in the back of a police car with handcuffs.

Question 3. Are you ok with wiping the ass of a baby boomer after he/she diahrreas? You will be advised by people that to avoid the embarrasment described in question 1 you can make money fast by becoming a CNA and taking double shifts.

If you answered no to any of the above questions, kalisha makende dandora tafadhali.

I’m surprised we don’t have a deluge of Kenyan men being imported to Trumpstan. Vile huku kuna ukame, there are very few eligible african men to go around. I personally know of beautiful, educated (doctors,engineers), rich black women who are single and very desperate for marriage. They would be in heaven at the thought of landing an African man as long as he doesn’t embrace outdated ideals. Utafanyiwa kila kitu including green card.
@Young Sponsor i dont know if you’ve read any of my posts but we’re in the same situation as you.
Please, I urge you to tune out naysayers and consider America as your future home. Your kids and future progeny will thank you for giving them a better life. Trust me on this one. Coming to America was the greatest career and financial move ever, I’m eating life with a big spoon thanks to this Canaan, land of milk and honey. Mtu asikudanganye pris, you know how Kenyans like to throw others into a pit.
On the issue of age, it is nothing but a number. I’m older than my FH and obviously outearn him but it’s no big deal. Once he comes here I know he will further his education and with time, achieve that middle class income. In the early years of our marriage, my role will be supporting him as we build a family.
The only issue I can anticipate you’re gonna have is you’re too African and misogynistic. Which law says a man must be older and outearn his wife? Kuna shida gani ukipika? Or the woman must do all the domestic chores? Lazima utanyenyekea, pride and ego aside, you must be ready to do any job once you come here.

Well put especially Question 1. Its a rat race

Panga vitu zako na uziweke vizuri
Enda Marekani ukiwa umenuenyekea.Ona mambo vile iko.Ukiwezana sawa,you will live to tell your kids your story.If you dont,you lose that chance,you may regret and live with it.If you fail,just accept it and come back home ASAP.At least you will say that you tried but didnt make it.From there just reorganise and do your best.However,the reason for going there is still not yet clear.Just hooking up with a random rich white woman is…fishy ata afadhali ingekua ka mburoti unaendea.In summary,kama uko poa apa,no need to leave.Unaeza enda upate ni @GeorginaMakena alafu ukunywe jik na persil?

Purple si u also hook me up with a jungu so that Gok can deport me to that continent ,am tired of living in a shithole Country .

@Young Sponsor I hope you have already packed your suitcase and said your goodbyes to your family. This kind of opportunity is rare. You are still very young kwanza I think you are the right age to survive hapa majuu. Mentality yako saa hii ni kurudi shule ukifika hapa. Your “wife” will support you during that time $35 an hour is a decent income. Imagine 5 years from now your quality of life will be way better than it’ll ever be in Kenya. Truth be told. Na si lazima uoshe ma dinosaur matako. That’s not the only work you can do. Good luck!

Unaona. That’s a glimpse of what awaits you.

Take the chance but keep off pombe(alcohol),dont lay a finger on her no matter what,usiwe fisi,save cash or buy mblot huku 254,avoid contact with police(Trump is serious),get yourself a job haraka…sleep with one eye always.

:D:DI can only imagine, not easy!!
Fanya ivi, even before that…I’m hoping you’re ready for a serious relationship si kupotezea dem time? Next, you need to sign up on dating websites especially those geared towards Africans living in the US. There are some jungu ladies who love bros so they are there too. Don’t relent inboxing ladies na ukuwe na photo poa. If you play your cards right and choose carefully, with time utapata wako. If the kungurus in Kenya are not appreciating you there’s a quality someone across the ocean who will. Educated black men bila crime history or baby momma issues are hotcakes in America. I’m just surprised you guys didn’t know that? :slight_smile:

Wewe sasa hii ni maneno gani? Ati you know many?

I also left Kenya nikiwa 23 and was away for 8yrs…but mimi was going to a good varsity on a masters scholarship, got entangled in a web of women…made crazy money for three straight years…finally a proper woman proposed and I accepted,…sai tumerudi Kenya, not having a great life if you compare to what I was making when I left but happy to be home. You see mimi ni wale watu shida hufuata…I got arrested, lost my scholarship, lost my visa status and na shida zingine mingi yet hapa Kenya sinanga hizo shida…anyway its always good to go out there…opens a whole new wide world for you…you will never see things same way again…I always encourage Kenyans waende nje even just for a month.