Going to Church is so simple

Religion is between you and your God.
It only takes 3 hours of your life to go to church, Sing for the lord, Pray for thanks and blessings, Give an offering on what you can afford, listen on the pastor message and go home with a positive attitude that your prayers will be answered.


Doesn’t even have to be 3 hours. 60-90 minute services are the norm siku hizi

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You need to accept ISLAM you kaffir

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alafu uende utoe 150. meffi sana


Did you pay 150 pia kwa church?

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Isn’t it better to treat fellow humans right all day everyday rather than this one day piousness shit while you really are an asshole to people the rest of the week


Yes . Usilipe more than 150

But a few hours ago you wanted to fuck a car exhaust pipe

I will ask for forgiveness in my prayers

Hio ni kuleta mazoea, God atajam na wewe atakupiga na lightening

what if at the end of it all all this is just a conspiracy to get you to behave in a certain way.hii story ya superior being mwenye anataka ku kuwa praised yet anatuma son wake kukuwa killed for the sake of humanity saa zingine hai make sense.

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Religion is the biggest scam to befall mankind… it’s a true tragedy.

Accept Christ.

Upusss. Religion is for fools like you.