Going to church doesn't make you a Christian

Who told those people ati juu wanaenda church ati they are Christians…??? Wonders shall never sieze…!!! I saw people drinking and smoking then going to church thereafter… It’s true God died for us all but people who fear God no longer exist and if there are they are very few…
Lord help us!!

True Kanisa of christ ni roho sio building . Building is made of concrete and gathering but roho ni uhisiano baina yako na mungu and it’s only the two of you who know it . Don’t judge lady…don’t

@Deorro chukua haya mayai mboilo

And being a staunch christian does not may you righteous than staunch followers of other gods

85% wako hapo wakitafuta spouses

Na wakipatana church inarushwa kando

Not judging… Just saying

inasaidia lakini. Clubs and entertainment spots are no longer meeting places for singles like kitambo.

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OK wait a minute… when did God die? I thought JC was the one who got murdered rose again and salvation was given. Ama nilisoma CRE inje ya daro?


Niliambiwa you can get a good lady from club than churches these days . At least wa club aren’t pretenders like church goerers . During our times a good woman anapatikana kwao sio hata church.


God in trinity: God the Father , the son and the Holy spirit


hakuna mahali nimesema wa church ni wazuri. Hao kwanza ni wale wamedinywa proper wakarealise masaa ni mbaya , they have to look for a descent nigga! Njoro ule DJ ako na mo-hawk hawezi pelekwa home



Sindio… They call themselves Christians… Haven’t given them another name

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“Phyllis anajifanya ATI yeye ni mpoa kumbe ni…” statement sounds judgemental to me…maybe I’m wrong

sometimes you fart and the smell that comes out makes you wonder if your body is the temple of the lord


Yaaa obwate amang’ana amakong’u. Twakure. :smiley:


just like parking your car in a garage doesnt mean it has mechanical breakdown