So I have noticed a worrying trend that I need to vent and perhaps someone reading this post is going through it as well.I will speak about three chics that I have been dicking down on the regular ,Due to logistical issues it is always better when I go to their house in order to avoid making 4 trips plus countless hours back and forth to their house and mine.
By my nature,I don’t like staying in anybody’s house for more than 3 hours or at maximum just a night then leave very early in the morning;so whenever I go this 3 chics houses I either spend exactly 3 hours or just a night and not more.
I normally receive backlash and resentment from them that I’m always in a hurry to leave and I’m always forced to fake an emergency so as to leave them…if they had there way they would spend a whole fucking weekend.
Sometimes,I might be going to another chic’s house and thus the hurry to leave or maybe I just want to be in my own house-which I find way more homely than some of theirs-enjoying solitude reading a book or doing something productive that doesn’t involve sex or a woman around.
So my kweschon,Why are women like that and is there like an unwritten rule on the maximum amount of time you should spend at a woman’s house before you leave.

P.S.Najua kwa comments kuna nugu itasema don’t go to a woman’s house kwani huna kwako blah blah so let me reiterate it is to avoid 4 trips instead of just 2 trips when I go their place.Also,No sponsor paying their rent as this are alpha females who pay their own rent and I have slept there countless times with nobody banging at the door…so mtafute matusi ingine

shida hapa ni unaishi ndani mkebe…


What I know is that you only date men. Lakini unashindwa kusema ukweli. Why is it that

  1. You’ve never spent a coin on these “alpha females”
  2. Why is it that no “alpha female” visits your hse
  3. Why is that “alpha females” invite you for sleep overs and not the other way round.
  4. Why do “alpha females” pay your rent???

Last time you said here that your target is single dads who have discovered that they are not attracted to their wives. You are very gei.

Since admin achange handle yako mtombi hodari nikama akili ilipungua pia:D

Wewe kukujibu hata ni kujikosea heshima especially after reading #4.Think what you may

Going to a woman’s house is very okay. If that’s what you like haina shida. Kuna upuzi Kenyans believe in ati a woman’s must be sponsored by another man. It’s not entirely true.

Assuming the three chics also behave like you let’s assume they also have someone else they are seeing on the side.
So for the 3 you are indirectly coming into contact with 6 other dudes, then if those other dudes behave like you they also have 3 chics so they are also coming into contact with 18 other persons.
Let me stop there but I leave you with a question.
How many Sti’s are circulating in that contact group?

Most women who will invite you to their house to just visit or even spend a night are quite sure that they are not committed to a man or if so, he is very far away and may not be an immediate threat. However, there is a group of promiscuous ladies who have a number of men on tow and each man thinks he is the main guy in the house. Problems arise when two or more men bump into each other in the house of such a woman. That’s the point you encounter a fight or even murder.

This doesn’t apply to me as I am always asked why I cannot spend more time.Kuna mmoja hata alibuy short na shirt for me to stay indoors comfortably…she had spent 2 weeks at my place prior to that and it was torture sijui how married men hack it

I test on a monthly basis using the self test sure kits na niko sawa.1 of the 3 ndio nashuku can play me

That one loves you. But a man should not stay more than 48 hours. For example, if you visit on Saturday, you should have gone by Monday morning.

Exactly!Lakini mbona hawa madem huwa hawaelewi hivyo…just fits,tantrums and nagging kweschons eti unaenda wapi?Lazima uende car wash sasa? Blah blah

Women are possessive in nature. They want you to be always around them especially during the stage of courting. We men are not like that. This brings a conflict sometimes.

Those women want to set you up kidesigni, they seem reall suspicious. What are your instincts telling you as you should not ignore cause you have them for a reason.

After a thorough investigation, I have come to conclusion @Maombi hodari is another handle of @captain obvious
Same person. Same homosexual

Always make sure that she is always asking you to stay a bit longer… the moment she stops… means you have over-stayed or you are not carrying shopping with you or she has found another man …

istricky… but nyumba hulipi rent is better avoided

The problem with you fellas is you expect women to think rationally and logically the way you do. DON’T BE COMFORTABLE IN A HOUSE YOU DON’T PAY FOR. Mpewe na drip ndio muelewe ama?

I’ve also gone to women’s houses for sex. But as you say, briefly, 2-3 hours tops. These are women that we were not really dating. Reason I preferred it that way was to ensure that I control the interaction time i.e. I can leave at my pleasure, which in most cases after the 3rd shot. If the woman comes to your place, she may end up spending the entire weekend, greatly inconveniencing you. Further, it may happen that you have very little in common or she gets ample time to pursue the usual line of what are we or where are we heading with this

After only 5 seconds with your mother, I came to the conclusion that her poosy is too stinky.