God's Plan

I am not a drake fan but man you will love this video.


the best video 2018 so far

Lol, watched that video jana and it got me all emotional and shit, Drake might as well run for mayor of Miami

He did charity and guys love him

1,000,000 dollars man

This video got me crying like a kid.

Bullshit pr… All of a sudden he is doing this after more life flopped… Why miami and not toronto… .Fuck bs alert…

Loved it.

Hii song sasa iko na vida tatu… Probably a fourth is in the make.

Thanks for sharing this.

I love the song, @Freakazoid and @screwplus Drake’s dad is American, not sure of the state, so Toronto or Miami is neither here or there, but still I got issues with publicizing acts of kindness,

You do know he was the degrassi nigga… Which makes it worse…

Sijaskia hii wimbo but I will listen to it halafu ni kuje kucomment

My first thought was that this is just marketing and PR.

But again, only God can judge the intentions of the heart.