God's Initial Plan For Mankind Was For Them To Remain Dumb, Satan (Fallen Angel(s) Gave Man Scientific Knowledge

Kazi ya binadamu ilikuwa kukaa tu kwa garden akikula matunda kama nyani but in the course of time some beings from another world came to that garden and installed consciousness into humans and from that time humans became self aware.

And where are those other worldly beings themselves?

This universe is full of civilizations and we are just like chicken in an enclosure, we are owned by a superior alien race

Support your claims…

Using calculations based on probability there is no way in hell that its only earth that has life in the entire universe. Even on this Milky Way Galaxy there are other planets with life but we will not travel there in our lifetime because the distances are crazy

And who owns the superior alien race?

@TrumanCapote - kuja upige huyu jamaa mateke za makend…

Man was already conscious even before sinning,he had dominion over the plants and animals in Eden,he had Communion with God and they would freely chat and stroll in Eden,man never died and women had no painful or near death child birth experience s man lost more than he gained

Extrapolate daily occurrences.

Si kwa ubaya but how the flying tits do you know what was going on in the garden of Eden?

Luciferin doctrine

Don’t know about you but as a human, I don’t want a human being with evil impulses to live forever

Do you know that prayers or magick spells are answered by this superior alien race…they are gods