God's calling!

Have you ever had this experience where you were pursuing one thing and it end’s flopping belly up and you ask yourself why? Eventually you end up following a different path where you succeed in leaps and bounds.
Well, you’re not the only one. I was talking to one close confidante of Baba, Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga the other day and this brought me to thinking about what we are brought on this earth to fulfill.The discussion was easy going until when he drew closer and started talking in a hush tone, not to be quiet but because he seemed like he had something very serious to tell me.
He started narrating to me about a recurrent dream that Baba has been having for the past year. You see, Raila is a disillusioned man, who has sought for numerous years to be the President of Kenya to no avail. Albeit he has sniffed that post but not quite enough sniffing like he was actually sniffing his own scent on the High Chair. From 1982 to 2012, different strategies, attempted coups, coalitions, MOU, stolen elections, tyranny of numbers have robbed this man what he and many in the country feels is his birthright.
On the other hand, Raila having lost numerous times has portrayed other strengths. He’s stubborn, resilient, a man of the ‘people’, observant, non-corrupt, calculating, loud, boisterous, non-vindictive, has the gift of gab and can actually come to a compromise as was seen in 2007. The positive things you can say about this man are many to say the least.
Back to the dream…so, Raila is woken at least once a month in the middle of the night by this nightmare. He’s standing at the pearly gates and Peter is congratulating him for a good job on earth. Peter goes on to list all the things that Raila did on earth with an utter jovial mood. He interjects himself now and then saying, if it wasn’t for you many things would not have come to pass in Kenya. When Peter is done listing all his good deeds he ushers him into heaven. There’s a long pause and hesitation from Baba and Peter looks a bit surprised as there’s rarely been a hesitation to get into heaven, things are a bit awry.
Raila breaks the awkward silence and asks, “If this is actually heaven, I would like to ask a question…Why wasn’t I ever President of Kenya?”
Peter responds, “That’s not your calling ndugu, kana niùkweda gùcooka rìngì?!” . This is where Baba shrugs from his nightmare and wakes up in a pool of sweat.

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I agree,were it not for Baba,Kenya would be a different place…
Is this where I wake n realize I was dreaming? @kah tony

And St. Peter speaking in Kikuyu to Baba? Indeed am dreaming


baba brought to westmall his barbarous bevy of brawling beauties, brashly bearing a bravely benign brand of brute…I can’t go on, I give up(something ba,ba should desperately think of doing) I just will not make it.

For those who have understood the hekaya, kindly explain

na huyu Pope alikuja na mambo…

This is what I understood.
Kanyari was answering God’s calling when he asked you to plant the KSh 310 in pottasium parmanganate
Whyguru was answering the same call when NYS green became a favorite colour
Baaba has been trying to answer the same kind of call that would make him PORK but sir God keeping calling using the Leader of Opposition line…kila mutu na kasi ile mungu alimufatia. Hata hustler numero uno hakuwa mteja when the call came…


Hehehe. You are nuts bro

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Yu no keep secrets? If it’s indeed true and the bogus media and blogs gets the hekaya, it will be all over. Let me guess the kind of headlines that could sell the story.

[li]God reveals that Rao won’t rule kenya in his dreams daily. [/li][li]Why baba is afraid to sleep every day[/li][li]Baba talks to saint Peter in kyuk[/li][li]Saint Peter is kyuk and has no respect for baba[/li][/ul]

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sadness of kuibiwo


Enough about God’s calling, at what point do we turn to the Devil’s calling?