Huyu Satan anaenda gym wapi ?

sasa tufanye? form inquiry to hold god accountable?

Please hold. A believer will be assigned to you shortly.



I raise you, The Korean Jisas…watu wanapenda muchezo sana,hii ni nini sasa?

On making women inferior to men, you seem not to know about (the first woman) Lilith and Adam. Lilith refused Adam to be on top missionary and the rest is history. Soma vitabu vingine

Nonsense, why would you believe a storybook.

God created you,so you cant create a marking scheme to asses your creator.

According to the story the one in a red is no match to the other the one in red is the result of the other the existence of it depends on the other the one in red is already defeated before the match begins I think deep down the one in red knows it.

Creator Vs. Creature . No comparison pedigree at all.

no counsel can be formed against God and thts why it’s all BS