God is good

The good book dictates that you go swimming with buibui specifically black in colour[ATTACH=full]446220[/ATTACH]

Definition of Hypocrisy. I used to work at a Multinational Reproduction facility in Eastleigh & Town, and the things that these girls of Hijab do are just unbelievable. Wacha tu.

Ahaa…hekaya ikam thru…have always wanted to smash a jilbab clad, clean and beautiful muslim woman…

God is only good to white men.They came here and used Christianity to allay our fears and prepare us for colonization.F*ck Christianity and and all its whitewashed followers.You’re part of the reason why we’re diluting our rich culture with that of our oppressors

Why the hell on earth did an Almighty deity decided to prescribe a black garment to His people?

In 1940s there wasn’t shiite like this. Sjui izi burka zilitoka wapi na vile wana figure misuri. Umbwa nyinyi @Bingwa Scrotum wacha tusafishwe maitho na haga za kiarabu

Tangu uniitie haga sinanga heshma na wewe at all at all at all

waislamu huishi kwa desert na coastal areas. vazi lao sio la kidini, ni environment inawalazimisha kuvaa ivo

Then they should wear white ones to minimise absorption of heat. Black ni meko

Lets hekaya.