Offset carried the weight here. Too fuckin great, high replay value. The hooks versus the solo tracks go to show who’s the better rapper.

Did you know Offset is too great, his peculiar ad libs have been coopted by a certain rapper?

I could talk loads about this tape, but hey, it doesn’t matter much. If it does, it’d be funny to hear if someone would be interested in listening to my shenanigans, TheNeedledrop style. that’s good for sample sizing.

“seeping on the mud like an oil spill” ILL

Not my cuppa but naweza check it out juu yako…it will be my first time ever to listen to that 21 savage…i know il regret it but what the heck.
@Jimit @Zush bana J.Cole ako down…wololo.
Nas alitoa kings disease 2…1 was wack…but nikaona LAURYN HILL ako kwa 2 track inajiita NOBODY…shes not on form but hearing her voice was just wonderful…a blessing. Number 1 m.c on my list hapa ndio nilikubali what a man can do a woman can do better.

enda skiza bartier cardi na 2016 cypher

21 is in his best shape on this tape

shit, this cannot be underestimated

last I listened to Cole was Forest Hills

I think I’ve blown my own mind by mishearing that line
sipping was a killer entendre

I haven’t listened to that Nas album…I have been waiting on Kanye to drop Donda…sijui anaogopa Drake dropping CLB after he drops donda…si you know Drake will go number 1 if he does:D:D