Go-Fund For Faith Kaini.... How Many BETAs Wanna Contribute?

A Tharaka Nithi woman is now seeking help after her husband whom she supported when he was jobless dumped her after he got a job.

“Nlikuwa najishikilia ndio nipate job nikuache,” the Kenyan man told his wife.

Faith Kaini said her husband of 3 years left her after getting a new job and he even told her that he was just using her.

Kaini said since 2019, she had supported her now ex-husband as he was jobless but as soon as he got a new job, he confessed that he was just using her and that he did not love her.

Faith now wants help to recover a piece of land she bought and had the man’s name on the title deed.

“The problem is I put his name on the Title Deed and he is refusing to surrender the full rights of the shamba to me.
Each time I contact him to consent to have his name removed the deed, he refuses and says he will only accept if the name of our child is the one that will be put on it,”
she said. However, being that Faith solely financed the land, she wants it back so that she can decide what to do with it.

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