GMorning: Gratitude

Good Morning and happy happy Teusday.

Many people get caught up in complaining about little things,
complain about their bosses, complain about their partners, complain about their jobs etc.
But when is the last time you looked at your life and appreciated the things you already have.
Being grateful for what you have in life is the foundation of abundance.
Today start by counting ten things that you are grateful for in your life.
And set out to have a brilliant day that you’ll be grateful for.

Good Morning.

Leo ni leo !

Theme Recipe ya Leo ni ngani ?

i am grateful for my friend; my love;);)…

Morning Gio. I never complain about my boss as I don’t have one.

Morning Gio

asubuhi njema Gio

Hi hun.

Hi Gio. Rúgío rúhiú ndúkahutia ríngí?

Peleka umeffi huko-------->

Do you see anyone else conversing in their mother tongue? Upussss

Thank You Gio

ni nini ma-mood asubuhi hivi? have a good day…

Good morning. Huyo mzee ana leta umeffi. ONE KENYA!

Thank you Gio…

Hehehehe…you know even I am having a hard time believing you are not Gio

kwanza na hizi ma thread za 4 AM, kama tu Gio

Hahaha… I think I lost that battle but at least you, @Deorro and @Unicorn cannot be deceived… Gio owned a road bike and I have a cheap MTB at least that’s a big difference. But I see the reason why everyone thinks I am him, we both love cooking and cycling… I thought he was a nice guy and was even posting before I left.

Wrong. This threads content and the time it was posted is vintage Gio. That’s why everyone is convinced you are him.

Morning Gio.

How are you progressing with the SIZE=1[/SIZE] prototypes?

Morning Gio.