Gmorning: Consumerism

Whenever you walk into a shopping mall you notice so many things that you need yet you don’t have
Your world is surrounded with adverts of latest cars, #gogreen items, latest phone, most awesome beer etc
In your house, you’ve got many items you don’t use and many clothes and shoes you don’t wear,
Yet in this world, there are many people who need these unused items to survive.

Why do you have to buy the latest phone yet the one you’ve got serves you fine?
Why do you have to buy some more shoes yet you only wear 4 our of your 10 good pairs?
Why another shirt yet you only wear 6 of your 15 shirts in the wardrobe?
Why another TV? yet the one you’ve got serves you well and has all functions you need?
Why another Fridge? yet the one you’ve got serves you just fine and is only a few years old?

You can always give out what you don’t use and remain with what you really need.
You can always ask yourself why before you purchase goods on impulse.
If you packed all your possessions in cartons and took back what you only need, about half of the cartons would be left untouched.
If your house burnt to ashes (God forbid) you would not want to buy back all your current possessions.
Resist consumerism and give out your unused items and work to make the world a better place

Good Morning!


Hio mambo ya Nyauthi, my observation. When I was working in retail, often I would got out with the delivery team, to deliver appliances and at times building materials.
That meant getting in people’s homes. One thing that I noticed was; on average, jungu houses are almost empty, minimal stuff and lots of free space in the house.
On the other hand, most of Nyauthi’s homes were just congested with stuff, at times making it difficult for us to assemble appliances.
Same applies to us in .ke. we tend to congestion our houses with stuff we don’t need.

ah Minimalism…the Japanese do it better using the Dogma less is more.

I also like the idea of minimalism.

i am a minimalist. i dont own a fridge, never have. I dont have extra stuff. I have a car though.

One thing I do: twice a year I go through my wardrobe. What I don’t wear it no longer fits me I give out, both clothes and shoes. For electronics, phones, and furniture I give out (not sell) whenever I acquire new ones. I have inculcated the same in my relatives: before I give you a new phone, you must first give out the one you currently have to someone who doesn’t have.

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