GMO Seeds - Surrendering our food Sovereignty

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As world wars become more complex, those who control the food seed chain will ultimately weaponise food, having the power to decide who lives and who dies.

                                                    [COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)]            [B]The genetic engineering process that brings about GMO food;  [/B]

"DNA strands are cultured in a bacterium and inserted into the host plant’s nucleus using a [COLOR=rgb(124, 112, 107)]virus[COLOR=rgb(243, 121, 52)] - “Bacterium” and “virus”

The supplier who owns the patent to the seeds is the only one who can sell or authorise the sale of the seeds. Farmers cannot grow food from the seeds of a previous GMO harvest even on small patches, which will have dire consequences to food safety and security. A Canadian canola farmer, Percy Schmeiser, was sued for growing a company’s Roundup-tolerant canola without paying any royalty or “technology fee.” Companies which hold Patent to GMO seeds have been going after farmers whom the companies suspects of using GMO seeds without paying royalties

Farmers in Kenya must be prepared to pay technology fees if they should regrow GMO seeds.

Eventually, as can be expected of a third world country, whose people are dimmed only good for slave labour; the seeds could get withheld or too expensive; a precious commodity, as gold, oil and gas; we get cornered \ blackmailed to surrender large chunks of productive land, Forests and Parks such as, Mau forest, the Amboseli etc.

Kenya is mainly an agricultural country dependant on horticultural exports for foreign revenue. Many countries we export to have banned GMO food imports, yet others do not even permit GMO to be grown in their countries. Some of our markets are now seeking out organically grown crops.

What plan does Kwanza Kenya have for the farmers in Kenyan now that they have surrendered to the seed patent holders. Let us remember, one GMO producing field in a village, would disqualify(for export) all other crops from a large section of the entire village due proximity of the GMO crop.

The problem we have in every decision we make is putting our interest first, every biological scientist will tell you GMO is good because he/she sees an opportunity. Others just want to oppose to be heard, that is to make a name for themselves. The talk about fighting hunger with GMO is not entirely true, our main problem is depending on erratic rainy seasons. The more we breed crops for high yield the more we narrow their genetic base and the more they become susceptible to disease and pests. So we are solving nothing heading in this direction of manipulating genes in crops, it is only good for bizness. What Ruto needed to do is form an independent committee to look at the merit and demerits of the move, if I were to give my opinion I would recommend GMO for only cash crops first, look at the situation as we consider adopting this technology based on each crop. Some farmers grow baby corn for export, how will growing GMO maize affect them?

weetabix na celerac si ni kama GMO?

Wacha watu wakufe. We will all die one way or another. Millions died in WW1&2 na pia wao walikuwa watu.

Wakileta muguka ya GMO embu na Mbeere kwaisha. Matawi inatoshana skuma unakula mbili unazima

Miraa inatoshana mukhombero

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Modavadi can tell us better

You are clearly not a farmer. One of the biggest problems or challenges in Kenya today is bad seed or fake seed. Ask around. Farmers get conned all the time. This has been a problem for decades in fact. Lots of conmen in Kenya.

You return the seed a year later and the seller tells you that you are the one who doesn’t know how to grow it. Even the sellers themselves are sometimes conned. And Monsanto have had offices in Kenya for years. Here is one of their popular brands called DK maize :

For vegetables Monsanto offers Seminis. Have you heard of Amiran Kenya? They sell monsanto Seminis seed :

And for pesticides Monsanto sells the number 1 pesticide in Kenya and the whole world ndio hio :

Ukienda show utapata hawa washenzi wote. And they are very many with some from Zimbabwe and S.A. Pale showground you can leave with a bag full of booklets lakini inakaa wewe huwa unaenda show kuswing, kukula ice cream na kutombwa haga. So you end up learning nothing. You go home clueless and with a sore bottom.

The competition in Kenya is insane so even Monsanto doesn’t necessarily do that well. Mchina na yeye alinunua Syngenta which is also in Kenya.

There are 26 major seed companies in Kenya. The top one is Kenya Seed Company followed by Kenya Highland and East Africa seed :’s%20seed%20industry%20is%20guided%20by%20its%20National,and%20Plant%20Varieties%20Act%20(Cap%20326)%20from%202016

Wote wako online plus their products. And their products are also counterfeited by goons.

Scientists are shills for Monsanto et al. They get generous funding in their reaserch fields to and dance to their benefactor’s tune.

Ruto is an Angle of Death. Anyway GMO is Kenya simply means eliminating local small scale farmers and boosting the noble farmers around the country. Imagine begging in your own home. Very funny. Let us stick to organic as it is the next lucrative farming venture you can imagine of.

One thing you also need to know is that a good chunk of farmers are hasoras. So they often go where their pocket allows them to go. Bayer Monsanto is for the rich kids.

Monsanto doesn’t even sell in kawaida agrovets. Kawaida agrovets stock pocket friendly seed. And pocket friendly seed sometimes isn’t the best.

If you look at that video of tomatoes you can tell that those are not poor farmers. But someone like @Abba a farmer in Busia akiskia bei ya Monsanto anaanza tu kutukana shopkeeper for no reason. Just because he doesn’t have the money. Calling the shopkeeper a thief. Afterwards he insults Ruto govt, for no reason at all.

Huwezi surrender kitu hauna.

Wacha maongo boss. Monsanto themselves struggle to survive in Kenya juu competition ni very high. They have excellent seed but Mkenya huangalia bei sio quality juu kama hana pesa huwezi force yeye anunue monsanto.

Monsanto target the big boys not hasora farmers like @Abba in Busia.

@Abba huwa ananunua hii ya 350 bob :


Ya monsanto wamesema ni from 800 bob same 2kg :


Baadaye anaanza kulia ati his crop has failed because of William Ruto govt sijui Ruto must go. Sijui Ruto has sent borers to attack his crop.

Kampuni ni mingi sana. Hata universities za Kenya bado zinafanya seed research.

There are 26 index seed companies in Kenya plus others :’s seed industry is guided by its National,and Plant Varieties Act (Cap 326) from 2016

Sasa uwongo yangu iko wapi, kama wewe mwenyewe umesema Monsanto ni ya big boys.

Pitisha hiyo kitu unatumia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Just tell them that most of kenyan farmers wanakulaga everything mpaka warudi wanunue kutoka brazil.

Mbegu ya mkulima mdogo si bado itakuwa tu. You are complaining about samsung or Apple yet infinix na gamon sijui camon na itel bado wako tu.