Glovo gets Sh16.7 billion loan to expand its business

Glovo has raised an additional €150 million (Sh16.7 billion) as it seeks to scale up its business in Africa

Waaat:oops:. Afew months ago I saw the MPESA statement of a food delivery nduthi Guy. He delivers for every dick and harry of pizza in Town, it read 2 million worth of transactions for the month. He told me hio ni line yake ya kazi and insisted ni deliveries pekee. Nikaachana na hio stori thought it was a sham … This glovo story This tells you that they will be the Amazon for Deliveries in Africa but also that the delivery business is crazy lucrative in Africa


glovo knows how to attract other businesses and partners to join them.any billboard you see ya glovo food,its been displayed for free but there is a catch,a reduction in the prices by 30%

Watu wamekuwa wavivu Hadi wanaletewa tissue Kwa hao


I saw ya mguyz wa safeboda… Next year I get mulla… Am buying three bikes n signing up… Kuwahi ‘non thuggish’ riders ndio shida

Whoever sorts logistics in Africa will make more money than Bezos

Hapo ndio the biggets challenge iko

is glovo african negro owned or ni ya mzungu or muhindi like most successful african companies…

from Spain… land of Balenciaga and refried beans

I remember sharing about it a few weeks ago . The next big thing is Mr. Jeff’s laundry franchise & ofcos Swvl shuttle business.