Globalists to ban rice, claims it causes 80× global warming

What is Nabii opinion on this???


And how are they planning to achieve that?

They’re fighting rice because Monsanto is unable to patent rice dna in China which already holds the patent for the best no gmo rice

Wewe kwanza nioshe mesho before maswali…

There are many ways to do that. The first is to remove agricultural subsidies for rice. The next is to target FAO funding for rice projects. Since the banking system is connected, if you can’t get funding to build rice factories, rice fertilizerz, rice transport networks, as a business you evolve or you die

These are the same globe trotting, heavy polluting clowns that want to ban meat tuanze kukula mende na siafu to protect the environment.

They want to finish Asians and Arabs, folks who eat rice daily