Global Warning Imezidi


Ehee…I saw you complaining the other day, about your house feeling like an ant hill. :smiley: Na vile huku kuna joto bana, it’s toooo hot n humid that we must run the AC 24/7.

Meanwhile kule yunared states winter time.

Weather patterns have really changed on a global scale. Places that were always hot and dry nowadays experience constant wet and cold periods and vice versa

nimeona muhindi wa plastics and rubbers akiandika ad kwa classifieds “cow mat” nikacheka. seems jamaa was on point

The ones above are hybrids not original european breeds. They don’t have all the ingredients to survive the cold. Which is good because it would be a burden in the warm seasons

Zebu zangu hapa kimilili hata kukinyesha hail stones zina smile Tu zikichew cud na ki graze

@tall mnyama everywhere and team following closely proceedings regarding the new lanye spot

Come on mzito …you trumpions don’t believe in climate change… wacha kukuwa kigeugeu

Yaani blanket @Mwaniks789 hujifunika nayo ndio mnafunikia ngombe? Kweli mwaniks wewe ni ngombe kabisa.