Global warming

I think there’s nothing like global warming, it’s just a nature’s way of resetting itself to its previous status, it’s a cycle

It’s a global warning.

2017 had a record number of solar flares from the sun and the global temperatures increased dramatically for that year. In 2018, the sun did produce any solar flares and we had the coldest year in 20 years. If the same rains this year it will be another cold year and the two poles will gain some of the loses it had endured during the warming period.

I too don’t believe in that lie called global warming. It’s politics to stop undeveloped countries from developing and becoming self sufficient.
Climate change is real but global warming is something I don’t believe

SMH, that’s the definition of global warming.

Global warming happens every 50,000 years. Its a cycle that is being accelerated by human activities

you need to read more of how humans are generating more greenhouse gases. Global warming is real. Check the doomsday clock we’re approaching 12 due to warming

ati 50,000 years…since Adam it has been like 6,000 years

culling is necessary to maintain a balance.

Global warming or whatever you want to name it. The most important thing to know in this life is “everything will always balance” be it in animal, plants, nature,what we do. Everything. Just like there is day n night, up and down, eat n pupu. There are things that balances with time. Iyo diyo science wasee. Don’t let anyone confuse you. Ask me to proof.

Global warming is a major cause of climate change. Now you believe in the disease but not the cause???


We could be experiencing global cooling too. Do you remember last year from June until September the way it was cold?
I would say there is changes such that hot days are hotter than I knew when growing up and the cold days are cooler than I can remember. Then there’s Ndeiya and Ol Kalou

You don’t get it? Those days were cool because the oceans had been warmer. It doesn’t happen without the other. Global cooling does not cause extended periods of long rains followed by an extended cold season. Global warming does and there’s tonnes of evidence to support it, that is if you can even understand it which is apparent from your response.

Do you really believe the earth and the universe is only 6,000 years old?


sometimes i laugh when i see somewhere someone writing “…blah blah blah existed 1 million years ago…”
a thousand years is as a day to the Lord…

do your own math

The truth is self evident.mankind is living in a state of waking sleep. We need to wake up from the sleep to see the truth. If still you can’t believe me. Believe your own eyes. There is so much you need to know about universal truth of life.

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Global warming is a hoax invented by the catholics