Ni Africa tu hakuna protests. S.A there were protests but wametulua for now. Hizo protests ni mingi hadi YouTube imeshindwa ku block. Fuck YouTube, Fuck fake news. The leftist media has given as a black out but we don’t care.

@Kahuni Maisha yaani roundie hii mmeamua???

Ottawa Canada :

Canada Live :

Brussels Belgium :

Nuremberg Germany :

Bochum Germany :

Paris France :

Austria :

Australia :

Italia kanaenda kuumana. They’re about to impose some draconian measures to the unvaccinated.

The Bible had prophesied that. There will be chaos and protests worldwide just before the second coming of Christ.

Fools everywhere! Until you experience the pain and devastation of losing a close relative to covid these government interventions will never make sense

It’s for your own benefit

Another Brainwashed commie here

Death from covid is more importanter than say death from road traffic accident?

Izi protests international media inakanyagia chini lakini itafika mahali kitaumana kwanza huko canada

Trudeau ako mafichoni. Hajulikani alipo.

Hadi Netherlands, the most liberal country in the world.