Global GDP 2021 (Uhuru amefanya kazi)

Murica is still going strong, Kenya mmesqueeziwa ka portion pale ndio msikuwe classified kama “others”. Chinks wanakuja kwa kasi sana. Watch out for those slit eyed bastards.


Iran has tried.

And that’s with biting sanctions from Murica and allies

Rest of Asia & Rest of Africa ni jokers wa ukweli.


Fr, wakiacha ujinga ya religious extremism they can easily overtake the likes of Germany.

Rest of africa? Yaani hata pesa yenyu yote combined haifikii norway and sweden combined?:D:D:D:D

Kenya’s GDP is estimated at 0.12 T, and it is rightfully placed there, as opposed to what you described with the word ‘squeeze’. Kuwa positive boss.

California alone can carry the whole of Africa GDP without feeling anything. Germany, Japan, China na US pekee ndio wangeishinda if California was a sovereign Republic.